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Master Jakki

Owner/Head Instructor

Master Jakki Heart and Soul Tae Kwon Do

Master Jakki has been training martial arts since 1995 under various instructors.  She is a 5th dan Kukkiwon certified Black Belt, 5th dan in Kajukenbo, Wun Hop Kuen Do, 3rd Dan in Hapkido, and offers experience to her students through various other martial arts she has trained.  She is also a certified NASM personnel trainer and certified in various group fitness classes.   Master Jakki opened Heart & Soul in 2013 as she believes training in the arts should be open to all and wanted to encourage personal growth through training mind, body, and spirit.

  Head Instructor

Mr. Marcus 1.0


Mr. Marcus achieved his First Degree black belt and has been training on and off for years.  After a short break to pursue his adult life, he has returned to the gym as head instructor.  He looks forward to continued teaching and working towards his 2nd Dan. 

Jr. Head Instructor

Mr. Marcus 2.0

Heart and Soul Martial Arts Instructor

Mr. Marcus received his Junior Black belt in 2022.  He has trained with Heart & Soul for over 6 years and has remained dedicated ever since.  Since receiving his Jr. Black Belt, he has been a dedicated instructor working to helping students reach their goals and continuing to offer self-defence and personal growth.

Jr. Head Instructor

Ms. Adonae

Heart and Soul Martial Arts Instructor

Ms. Andonae has been a student of Heart & Soul for over 6 years, reaching the rank of Junior Black Belt in 2023.  Ms. Andonae like many, wasn’t sure if Tae Kwon Do was want she wanted do, but she was quickly hooked by the community and discipline that became apparent in the first few years.  At Heart & Soul we teach to all levels and personalities, so it has been a great place for form long lasting relationships, as we are a family.  When given the choice of Violin or Tae Kwon Do, I chose Tae Kwon Do and plan on sticking with it 1000x over! 

Mr. Kobe 

 Head Instructor


Mr. Kobe achieved his 3rd Degree Black belt Dec 23, 2023. The first at Heart & Soul!!  He is currenting working and going to school to become a Journeyman Millwright.  He attends and helps instruct classes during his turnarounds.  


Ms. Frankie

Jr. Assistant Instructor


Ms. Frankie received her Jr. Black Belt Dec 23, 2023.  As one of the youngest Junior Black Belts, she looks forward to continued training and hopefully  being the first to achieve 2nd Poom!  

Jr. Assistant Instructor

Mr. Kallum 


Mr. Kallum achieved his Jr. Black Black Dec 23, 2023 after training for close to 7 years!  He looks foward to helping others grow in their journey and working on his 1st Dan when he turns 15! 

P90X Instructor 

Ms. Laurie


Laurie is a certified P90x Instructor and has been leading classes for over 8 years. 

Gym Dad/Photographer

Mr. Steve


Mr. Steve is the gym dad and photographer, also known as "Mr. Computer guy".  He continues to keep both Master Jakki and the students in line. 

Mr. Frank

 Legacy Head Instructor

Tae Kwon Do instructor Fruitvale BC

Mr. Frank Sweet was a key part of Heart & Soul from 2014 through 2024.  The lives Mr. Frank helped will be forever changed.  Unfortunately, Mr. Frank passed away in February of 2024, but his legacy will live on forever.  Mr. Frank trained in many different Martial Arts for a number of years. He joined Heart and Soul Tae Kwon Do back in 2014 and soon after achieved his 1st Dan Hapkido black belt in August 2016. 


1922 Main St.
Fruitvale BC


Heart and Soul Tae Kwon Do is located in beautiful downtown Fruitvale, BC.

Our 165 square meter gym is equipped with state of the art rubberized flooring, complete sound system, and large garage doors for ventilation during the summer months.

The building is temperature controlled and Handicap accessible.

Thank you for your interest in Heart and Soul Tae Kwon Do! The information below is being provided to give new students an idea of what to expect when they come to their first class. Please contact Master Jakki if you have questions about your first day that aren't addressed below.

What to expect:

  • Classes are an hour long. Adult class may go slightly longer, depending on the availability and enthusiasm of the students.

  • Class will begin with a 10 to 20 minute long warm up. Warm ups include dynamic stretches designed to loosen up muscles and help prevent injury. There are several formats of warm ups, depending on the lesson plan for that day.

  • There will be short water breaks (less than 1 minute) throughout class.

  • Martial Arts practice is fun, but can also be hard work. Please be prepared to sweat!

Below are some basic preparation steps to follow before coming to class. Please be sure to:

  • Bring a water bottle. Please avoid bringing anything carbonated, or drinking immediately before class, as it likely will not sit well with the movement required during class.

  • Trim fingernails and toenails. Tae Kwon Do means "Martial Art of Kicking and Punching" - long nails can cause injuries to both the student and to classmates.

  • Wear comfortable clothes.  Clothing should be loose fitting and something that the student will not mind sweating in.  (Alternately you can purchase a Uniform immediately, although not required until your first belt testing)

  • Leave jewelry at home, or bring a safe container for jewelry to be stored in during class.  Rings, necklaces, earrings, and other items can cause injuries to both the student and to classmates.


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